TPWC donate to UNICEF after UK government cuts 60% of its funding.

We are sad to see the UK government cutting 60% of its funding to UNICEF. As a result, children will suffer, UNICEF warns.

Ten years ago the UK doubled its core funding for UNICEF, and the then UK Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell said 'UNICEF's work to keep children healthy and ensure they they have access to education enables them to demonstrate the kind of results that the British tax payer can feel proud to have played a part in achieving.'

So what has happened? Where is our pride?

The World's children should not be carrying the burden relating to the economic hit from COVID-19.

TPWC made a donation to UNICEF which we are informed could achieve all three of the following points:

  1. Buy exercise books for 180 children and pencils for the whole school.

  2. Help to train a health worker to provide life-saving care for children.

  3. Provide more than 19 pregnant women with HIV tests to help protect their baby.

We know that many people say we should put those in the UK first. It is true that we tend to care for those closer to us more. Stalin once said 'one death is a tragedy, a million is just a statistic.' It is a very true comment, in that we often find it difficult to deal with issues in which we are far removed. We will always support local charities, but we really do feel that global causes should not be overlooked.

We have no idea what use a child will make of the exercise books and pencils, or whether a health worker will save a life thanks to our donation. We can only hope that our donations do some good, and that it spreads some goodness in this world at a desperate time, whether close to home, or beyond our borders.

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