• Ben Mackie

TPWC have today donated to Peabody.

The more I have learnt about Peabody and the people within it, the more impressed I have been. This housing association has a strong history and identity, and I admire what they stand for.

A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting some of their surveying team for a job interview. In the end, it wasn't to be, partly because TPWC did so well.

What I noticed was how professional and diverse their surveying team was. They were actually real people. With passion.

My donation will:

1. Buy a year's worth of books to be delivered monthly to two underprivileged children.

2. Train a volunteer to provide one-to-one befriending support for an isolated older person.

As people will know, I love books, and the idea that two children will benefit really means a lot to me. I have some big plans with children's books over the next few years, as I have a few stories of my own to be told, which my children love, and which will one day be shared.

I also love the fact that a volunteer will be trained to support an isolated older person. As a surveyor, I visit isolated people quite often. I have had many a cup of tea, changed light bulbs, and had lovely conversations with people who have so much to say, but sadly no one to say it to. It breaks my heart.

So today, we have donated to Peabody. They truly are special.

We will always look out for good causes and donate whenever we can.

We wont stop giving.

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