The Party Wall Collective plant 500 square metres of woodland

One of the most fulfilling things about being in business is deciding where our money goes. We have meetings, and we make choices. Sometimes we get it wrong, sometimes we get it right. We don't pay to advertise, instead, we divert money to good causes.

The pandemic has been tough on us all in different ways. One of the things many people have enjoyed the most during the pandemic has been woodland walks. We therefore chose to plant 500 square metres of woodland with the National Trust who say this:

'Now more than ever, nature has been our source of comfort. Trees towering above us, serene coastal paths, the simplicity of a rushing stream and panoramic drama in the skies - these can answer our need for quiet and inspiration.'

These words resonate with us, and we are more than happy to do our bit to contribute to protect and enhance our natural world.

We face lots of challenges, and at TPWC we do not have a preference when it comes to supporting a particular charity. What we do know, is that over the coming years, we will be donating money to numerous charities supporting a range of different causes.

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