TPWC donate to the Great Daffodil Appeal

It is Spring after all, so donating to the Great Daffodil Appeal was very fitting.

The work that the nurses at Marie Curie do simply amazes us. They care for more than 40,000 terminally ill people in the UK a year. Our donation 'will provide nine hours of nursing support in someone's home through the night, bringing the expert care and comfort families need.' It is a small thing, and we wish we could do more. We will keep donating to various causes in the hope that these small gestures make the World a slightly better place. We have no idea what these nine hours of care will bring to a person, but we hope it makes a difference.

We fully support the Marie Curie nurses. We know that recent events have had a real impact on frontline workers, and an article by Pamela Penman on the Marie Curie website really hit us hard - it is clear that frontline workers have really absorbed a lot of stress and pain in recent times. The way that they are able to do their job, sensitively and professionally under enormous strain is truly remarkable. The Marie Curie website has plenty of great literature and practical advice relating to end of life care and death. Whilst we hope that you never have to access the services provided by Marie Curie, if you find yourself or someone you care about living with a terminal illness, please do see what help is available to you.

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