I’m an ex East London police detective, I enjoy writing, having written several children’s books and a novel. I once ran into the water in the Antarctic - and quickly ran back out again. Crying.


Animal care has always been a passion of mine and I am at my happiest with a furry friend around! I enjoy music (UK garage and dance music in particular) reading true crime literature, playing tennis, and have recently taken up baking and dance lessons thanks to the pandemic.


I love to explore new cultures and try different cuisines. It’s exciting to me to be able to experience new things through taste & sight. I’m also a great supporter of NSPCC and have worked as a volunteer at Childline for 7 years. 



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From serving free notices for you, to using the latest technology such as ‘Surveykit’ to bring down costs, we know we are different.


Furthermore, we will not ask you to sign a letter of appointment (which cannot be rescinded) until we know that you are happy to use our services to settle a dispute. Too many people get tied in unnecessarily, before they know what they are getting into. 

Simply read our blogs and you will very quickly find out why we are so different.


We are Surveyors who share a common goal of disrupting party wall surveying as we know it. Party wall matters are being improperly handled, and the status quo suits the professional bodies and surveyors who administer the Act.

We aren’t in a rush to take your cash. We simply believe that we should do what is right by you. After all, if we do right by you, more work might just come our way.

Our main aim is to arm our clients with knowledge, so that they can make informed decisions. We are transparent, and our integrity is non-negotiable. 

To disrupt, is to challenge, and we do this all the time. From our website, to our guides, presentations and interactions with other surveyors, we are on the prowl to push and challenge long-held ideas. We think a lot more needs to be done to protect the public, and we pressure professional bodies to confront poor practice. 


We are born out of a need to radically raise standards, and to stop unnecessary fee-generation.

We are The Party Wall Collective.



Great service, reasonable price, highly recommended. In a refreshing change compared to estate agents, conveyancers etc, TPWC was a pleasure to deal with. They delivered on time and as promised, dealt with little problems that came up and kept us informed.